What do people have to say about PMS Adventures?
“How many menstruation jokes can I fit into this quote? Bailee and Lauren are bleeding geniuses. PMS Adventures is better than just being feminist- it’s hilarious, and gorgeous, and fun to read. Plus it helps with cramps! It’s so clever, you might even call it post-menstrual.” – Emily V Gordon, nerdist.com
“I was told PMS Comics was about Puppies Making Smiles. Boy was I misled.” – Comics Bulletin
“F*ck off.” – Jeff Katz, GeekWeek.com

PMS (Phemale Super Heroes) Adventures is a weekly web comic written and created by Lauren Pottinger, illustrated and co-created by Bailee DesRocher. It tells the story of three down on their luck girls who stumble upon a paid medical trial. Excited about the prospect of cash in exchange for free birth control, they are injected with a serum that does more than prevent pregnancy. Due to an interaction with high sodium levels in their blood from overconsumption of Bottom Ramen Noodles, the girls are mutated into super-heroines… but only on their cycles. They are taken under the wing of their landlady, Aunt Flo, an ex-cop with a penchant for robe wearing, chain smoking, and gun wielding. She whips them into shape with a series of training montages, and the girls go from underappreciated to empowered.

Introducing the ladies of PMS:
Cassie “Crimson Tide” Taylor is mild mannered (cliché!) literati who transforms into a fiery flame throwing threat when facing fiendish foes.

Maya “Maxi Pad” Parsons is a musical maven … but on her monthly menses her velvet voice turns into a tonal terror, its piercing sound debilitating any man who hears it. She also has wings. Get it? Maxi Pad? With wings? Bwahahaha!

And finally, Teresa “Tam Pon” Pacciano, a rough around the edges engineer. Already equipped with a short fuse, she becomes Tam Pon when provoked, a white furred she-beast who’d rather throw you out than ‘talk it out’.

PMS Adventures pays homage to all the goofy stuff the creators (and readers) love: fun stories packed with pop-culture and puns, while lampooning the comic crafting process at the same time. Released once a week on www.pmscomics.com, this comic will make you chuckle… and probably bleed from your vagina, if you have one.* Synch with the ladies every Wednesday on the inter-webs. Your brain and funny bone will thank you.

*If you don’t have one, you’ll still like it. We love Bruce Campbell, Star Wars, and making fun of women on their cycles… and ourselves… and you!