Released in September by Red 5 Comics, Moon Girl #4 displays the same beautiful punch of #1-3.  I have declared my excitement for this series before, and I’ll do it again now. The writing of Johnny  Zito and Tony Trov combined with knockout artwork by Rahzzah make this comic a very special,  twisted, brilliantly painted story of rebellion, mind control zombies and fairy tales.

Last we saw Clare she was paralyzed and brain washed by her enemies, Sugar Plum and ‘Tiki Bob’,  the mysterious doctor. They wiped her memory in an attempt to mold her in to the powerful rebellion leader that they want Moon Girl to be. She’s weak and seems to recall nothing of her previous  persona as Clare when she reappears.

The conniving Doctor Kane is revealed and his relationship with Moon Girl’s psychotic mentor,  Satana, becomes clear. The team of deviants have created a way to hypnotize the innocent with the  words ‘sic semper tyrannis’, translated from Latin to mean ‘thus always to tyrants’. They are hell  bent on forcing Moon Girl to lead a bloody social rebellion against the powers that be, and are  building an army of zombies to support their cause. 


Although the story can be tricky to follow at moments, I’ve found  jumping back and forth in the  book to keep track of it isn’t an  altogether unpleasant thing. This story is building mystery on top  of history, on top of magic. The artwork is like nothing I’ve seen, both exploding with color but also creepy and macabre. Moon Girl is a dark, sexy tale that flashes in and out of time, bends the classic portrait of fairy tale royalty in a brutal way and generally kicks ass.


Zombies, superheros, evil doctors, noir landscapes, sex and rebellion. It’s a whole lot of action packed in a very, very pretty box. If you haven’t read any Moon Girl yet, do it now. You can thank me later.

Available now at your local comic book shop, from Red 5 Comics.