Back in June we did an interview with Liz Manashil about the music video for “You’re So Pony”. It may have taken longer than we would’ve liked, but here is part two of that, with artist Beth Thornley.

1) How long have you been working as a musician?
I took piano lessons as a kid, so it feels like I’ve been working as a musician my whole life. Even if I was making a living as a waitress, music was always a part of my life. But, regarding making a living as only a musician, that’s only happened in the past 3-4 years as I’ve been able to get songs licensed to TV/film.


2) Where do you get inspiration for your songs?
Everyday life and people watching; sometimes love relationships, but mostly just general life.


3) What was it like working with Liz for the video? Did you collaborate much or mostly follow her vision for what the video should be like?
Working with Liz was great because she was always available to listen to my thoughts and concerns. She had the vision about the overall concept so she took the lead. I had confidence in her and in her ideas.


4) What are your plans for the future? Any new projects we can look forward to?
I am recording an EP and hope to have it ready for release soon. There will be 4 songs on it. I thought it would take less time to get an EP recorded (as opposed to a full length LP), but alas, it seems to take nearly the same amount of time!


Thanks to both Liz and Beth for agreeing to do these interviews. You can find the video for “You’re So Pony” here.