Official Press Release

“Gamer Wine” Brings Wine to Noobs and 1337 Alike


Tired of energy drinks and beer (if that’s even possible), three Seattle-based gamers created a wine label
to class-up their regular gaming sessions and sweet LAN parties. Gamer Wine currently carries a full
Merlot named “n00b,” a smooth red blend named “Stunlock,” and a crisp Pinot Grigio named “Gamer
Widow.” The wines pair well with traditional gamer fare (Stunlock’s suggested pairings include Hot
Pockets® and pizza rolls), and the wines are well-balanced enough to satisfy the tastebuds of both
newcomers and seasoned wine lovers alike.

All wines are sourced from the best vineyards in the state of Washington, with a focus on the Walla
Walla and Prosser regions. The creators of Gamer Wine are industry veterans who use their experience
and knowledge to create wines with a focus on quality. “We wanted a wine that you could
send to your friend as a way of saying ‘you suck, nub, lolz0rz!!!’, but that your friend wouldn’t mind
drinking. This isn’t crappy display-shelf wine with a funny label – it’s really good.” The future of the
company includes creation of more varieties with an emphasis on crowd-sourcing names and ideas from
fellow gamers. After that? “World peace quickly followed by world domination.”

Gamer Wine is available for purchase at
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