It’s that time of the year again; when we all go mad trying to find the perfect gift for those special someones in our lives. No matter what traditions you follow, if you are looking for gifts to give, the internet has it! I have gone around the web, culled from our NerdsInBabeland writers, and found some Etsy shops and other websites that just may have that perfect item you have been looking all over for!

Alice and Willow – Corsets and other Steampunk Attire http://etsy.me/svCXuq


Vote Saxon- Marissa Crafts

JezebelCharms  – Doctor Who Jewelry and More http://etsy.me/vIL7if

Marissa Crafts – Scarves, Cowls crocheted Wonders and Geeky Jewelry http://etsy.me/orEapq










Dance with Robots—Adorably Geeky Art Prints  http://etsy.me/vT6tCd

Ladysteam Designs

LadySteam Designs —Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Wrist Cuffs and Jewelry http://etsy.me/uT5QpV









MarySewDesigns – Steampunk Jewelry and Accessories http://etsy.me/tTsADp

Uselessprogress– Prints, stickers, paintings – macabre and surreal    http://etsy.me/umu704

Fancy Dress Star Wars - The Gorgonist (I happen to own this and LOVE IT!)

The Gorgonist— More Adorably Geeky Art Prints  http://etsy.me/smWyWd

Luxury Lane Soap – Awesomely Geeky Handcrafted Soaps http://bit.ly/vsqJIZ

Raygun Robyn— Geektastic Shirts, Totes and more! TARDIS & Firefly!  http://www.raygunrobyn.com/

GEEKSOAP – More Awesomely Geeky Handcrafted Soaps   http://bit.ly/vfAHZ7

What are your favorite shops? And what items are you on the hunt for?