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Picture this scenario. You are at work, plugging away on whatever project your bosses told you to work on when your email dings with a message from some guy who just starts yelling that you are doing it all wrong, you should be doing this, not that, that he would do a much better job than you ever could. You have never met this person before, they have never spoken to your bosses and they have no clue exactly what you were told to do, or what the specific details of your job entail. They have none of the experience in your field that you do. Have done none of the required ladder climbing, research, schooling, etc. You see they have sent this message not only to you but to all of their friends, more people you have never met.

How would you feel if this happened? What would you do? Would you tell him to fuck right off and let you do your job in the way you are supposed to? Damn right you would!  You might even consider calling the police because this person clearly has an unhealthy fixation on you, your work performance, and could be unstable or dangerous.

Now, I want you to realize that you ARE “that guy” every time you post a blog, a tweet, or Facebook update saying that the writers of “X” show, movie or comic have no idea what they are doing. What the hell were they thinking killing off YOUR favorite character?! They should be focusing on this story line instead of that! These characters need to be developed more. They need to focus more on the Women or Men of the show. They must be stupid, lost their minds, have no business writing, etc. It is rude. You are being a dick. Do you really think that you are capable of writing an episode of a TV show, a comic book or a movie? Of navigating those notorious waters of the entertainment business? If so, stop being a dick to those who are already doing it and get off your ass.

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Another thing that drives me up the wall is when people say things like, “George Lucas raped my childhood,” every time a change has been made to a newer release of Star Wars. NO. HE. DID. NOT!  First of all shut the hell up. Second you wouldn’t have those awesome Star Wars related childhood memories if it weren’t for George Lucas. Third it is HIS PROPERTY to change and do with what he wants, if he wants to make changes to it, that’s his decision to make! You can still find the originals online on VHS if you are so frantic to “keep it pure”. And finally SHUT THE HELL UP!



Yes, this is a business of creating a product that is out there in the public and I’m certain those involved with it expect a certain level of public scrutiny. But really think about how you would feel to have people not only criticizing your work, but you personally. Calling YOU stupid, saying that YOU have no idea what you are doing. It is one thing to be a fan, to feel strongly about what is happening on your screen or on your pages. To become so invested in a story that you want to scream. It is another thing entirely to be a dick, online where everyone can see it. Think about this the next time you want to criticize the work of the writers on your favorite show, movie or comic book.