*Safety Disclaimer: Increases in your physical activity may impact your health. If you have any concerns, please consult with your Health Care Provider before beginning an exercise program and only engage in exercises that you can perform safely and comfortably.

This choice is the only one that can lower your risk for chronic diseases, while strengthening your muscles and bones and even improving your mood.

For substantial health benefits, adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity each week, according to the Department of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Getting 150 minutes of exercise a week might seem like a lot, but breaking it down into smaller intervals can help make it feel more manageable, check out the latest meticore reviews.

Read on to learn about all the benefits of being active and how to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.

Benefits of physical activity

Fitting physical activity into your daily schedule can make a significant difference in:

  • Reducing your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers
  • Managing your weight and preventing obesity
  • Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Strengthening your muscles, bones, and joints. It has been proven that practicing a sport a couple hours on a weekly basis help you prevent chronic pain conditions.
  • Helping you live longer

Tips to get you moving

Make time for physical activity throughout your day. Consider these tips:

  • If you have a personal treadmill at home, go for an indoor walk.
  • March in place or do the ‘grapevine’ while watching television. March in place or pace the room when on a conference call.
  • Try a ‘walking at home’ or ‘indoor step’ online video.

These small tips can make the choice of being physically fit easier and fun. Remember, small steps can make a big difference in your health. There is only one choice — physical fitness. Check out these Revitaa pro reviews.

Ready to get started?

Make a plan to stay on track. Create your Activity Planner on the Department of Health and Human Services Move Your Way website. Set your own weekly goals, choose the activities you want to do, and get personalized tips to help you stay motivated. When you’re done, print your plan or share it with friends and family.