A cover by Menton3

Terrifying. Brutal. Gorgeous. Thick with an atmosphere of death. I could come up with so much more, but none of these words quite do it justice.

B cover by Riley Rossmo

Monocyte begins his cleansing of the warring Olignostics and the Antedeluvians by marching into the Olignostic city with an unflinching mission to bring permanent death to these immortal races. Monocyte yearns for his own death as he brutally deals it out, leaving piles of mangled bones in his wake. He is after the Olignostic ‘conduit’, the tool through which the entire race drains human life to achieve their immortality. The death of the conduit brings the death of all those networked to it. A race of highly intelligent, merciless beings that use technology like a spoon to stuff themselves on the life force of their humans,who they claim and mark like cattle, the Olignostics have never considered the possibility of their own demise by any other than their enemies, the Antedeluvians. Monocyte has been sent by death, himself, to show them how it’s done.

Incentive cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

While Monocyte dispatches the conduit gatekeepers, we are reminded of Grod. Grod is a bitter, displaced former member of Olignostic nobility, banished from his ranks as punishment for his endless greed. As he stands and fumes among the writhing masses of human slaves between the 2 great cities, he feels the mortality of his race fast approaching with the death march of Monocyte and he strives to find his place in the new war. A place he seems to believe will return him to greatness.

This story is incredibly complex;so much so that as I read through it I find myself going over the sentences multiple times, just to be sure I’m grasping the full meaning of each one, nervous that I might be missing something amazing. The writing is full of mythology, mysticism, humanity and passion. Monocyte demands that you question mortality and what it means to you, what immortality would gift you with and what it would rob you of. It’s a beautiful thing, and that’s not even touching on the artwork. 

I haven’t been so impressed with comic book art  since my first discovery of the unique styles of Mike Mignola and Ben Templesmith. Menton3 creates lushly developed, insanely detailed visuals that push the limits of what can be contained in a little book. There’s magic coming from that man’s hands and I am genuinely excited to see each new piece he reveals. Monocyte will be a top rated collector piece, no doubt, and one you will find yourself returning to often to remember the awesomeness it contains. In fact, while working on this review I had Monocyte #1 right next to me so I could reference the experience of this book from the beginning again. This comic is a 5 out of 5 for me and I recommend you start adding these to your shelf right now. Monocyte is a fantastic  love affair between horror and science fiction that ends in orgasmic perfection. Yeah, I said it.

Each issue of Monocyte is not only published with multiple covers, but will contain bonus stories in each issue, which tell the stories of the human slaves belonging to both the Olignostics and the Antedeluvians, each written and drawn by new guest artists. Monocyte #2 is available with covers by Menton3,  Riley Rossmo [Green Wake, Daken: Dark Wolverine, Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking] and Bill Sienkiewicz [Elektra: Assassin, Stray Toasters]. It will also include slaves stories by both Ben Templesmith (writing and art) [Fell, 30 Days of Night, Wormwood] and two newcomers: Alan Hubbard (writing) and Chris Newman (art). Monocyte #2 is written by Kasra Ghanbari and artwork by Menton3.


Issue #2 is 36 pages and $3.99, hitting stores on December 28.

Super special extra prize inside! Check out Saltillo: Monocyte, the solo music project of Menton, intended to be a sweet, sweet backdrop to your terrifying Monocyte experience. Saltillo on Last.fm