Mastermind, a concept that started as a one act play and then a short film (which premiered at Comic-Con in 2010) has now turned into a web series with graphic novel tie-in. The “masterminds” behind this whole project are Susan Lee (Producer/Director) and Michael Patrick Sullivan (Writer). The series starts off with the introduction to Mastermind and plot set-up. It then switches to our main characters Liz Lassiter, a reporter who has been covering Mastermind, and her boyfriend, JD. Things get really interesting with the cliffhanger ending, which I won’t spoil for those interested in watching for themselves. When talking to Lee, she hoped the second episode would be ready by Feb 1. This is also when she wants the first page of the graphic novel to be ready by. The graphic novel will be released online one page at a time, probably every two weeks. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing this story unfold, but you be the judge. The first episode can be found on YouTube and the website.