Green Lantern: Sinestro: Part 2

Writer: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Doug Mahnke

Inks: Christian Alamy & Keith Champagne

Colors: David Baron

Letters: Sal Cipriano

Cover: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy with Nathan Eyring

Variant Cover: David Finch & Richard Friend with Peter Steigerwald

Assistant Editor: Darren Shan

Editor: Brian Cunningham


The second issue of Green Lantern picks up where the first issue left off, with Sinestro offering Hal Jordan a Green Lantern ring. However, nothing comes for free, as Hal learns. Sinestro controls Hal’s ring, he can turn it on or off and even dictate the level of power it has.


While arguing over the ring, Hal hears people in trouble and rushes to help, but even then Sinestro shows him who is in charge. However, Sinestro saves the day, much to Hal’s chagrin and shock.



Sinestro and Hal fly away, discussing how the public on Earth view Green Lantern and how the people on Korgar saw Sinestro. Suddenly a Yellow Lantern, Gorgor, attacks them, saying that Sinestro has “betrayed the Yellow Light”. After Gorgor’s defeat, Sinestro explains why he needs Hal. Sinestro wants to destroy the Yellow Lanterns that enslaved Korgar.


The story is starting to pick up as the two men make their way to Korgar. It’s strange to see Hal and Sinestro interact, considering they hate each other so much and have no respect for the other. It’ll be interesting to see how they get along on Korgar, when they have to work together.



The art in this issue is amazing. Some of the wide shots are breathtaking, even if it’s just of Hal trying to kill Sinestro. And the close ups have great detail; facial expressions, the way the clothes fit on a person, and more. I can’t wait to see how the artist handles more of the alien species we are sure to run across in future issues.