So, I don’t normally want to use this site to request monies and this isn’t necessarily intended to do just that. Jane Espenson shared this story on Twitter and I thought I at least owed it to this fellow Nerdy Girl to share it here:

‘Til Death Do Us Part: They Got Married. Then Everything Changed

Basic story (quoted from the above article):

“Theirs was not your average love story. Kevin Pratt and Tashi King got married young, in an age when people tend to wait. The wedding was so small, they didn’t even tell their immediate family. They served pie instead of cake — and the bride wore red.

They were perfect for each other.

But in just a few short months, the fairytale turned into a nightmare. The economic downturn gripping Arizona cost Kevin his job at an architecture firm. Tashi, who worked for a real estate company, was cut back to part-time.

And rather than roll with the tough times, Kevin faltered. He was depressed. He complained of headaches. He said he was tired, even though he didn’t seem to do anything.

Sometimes, Tashi would come home from work and find that he’d slept all day. He’d be confused, she says. “He thought I’d just left.””

Later on the article goes on to describe how Kevin was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer:

“Kevin’s cancer came in an unusual form, especially for a 24-year-old. Only two to three cases of gliobastloma multiforme are diagnosed per 100,000 North Americans. Most of those are in men over 50.

It’s also an unusually aggressive cancer. It is almost always fatal. Without treatment, the median survival time for a patient diagoned with glioblastoma multiforme is three months. With treatment, a “lucky” patient might get two years.”

Anyway, there is a lot more to the article and if you have some spare time you should go read it. If nothing else, send @redtapelass good thoughts and prayers. If you have any extra money (which I know is asking a lot in these tough economic times), Tashi informed me that his Frat boys have a fundraiser (The Paper Crane Project) and there is a paypal donation account that is linked to their webpage (

Anywho, thanks for listening!