Green Lantern: Sinestro: Part 3

Writer: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Doug Mahnke

Inks: Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin, & Tom Nguyen

Colors: David Baron

Letters: Sal Cipriano

Cover: Doug Mahnke with David Baron

Variant Cover: Ethan van Sciver with Brian Miller

Assistant Editor: Darren Shan

Editor: Brian Cunningham


Issue three of the new Green Lantern starts with Hal and Sinestro exchanging words once again. Sinestro manages to “convince” Hal to come with him. It is very interesting to see the two interact after all that has happened between them. Sinestro is arrogant and overbearing whereas Hal tries to be the better person, but seems to doubt himself.


The scene switches to Oa, where the Guardians are up to something. It can’t be good since Ganthet agrees with them, which is something he never did before. They mention a third army and the dissolution of the Green Lantern Corps. After this revelation, it’s back to Hal and Sinestro making their way towards Sinestro’s home planet.



Sinestro tells Hal the plan he has, Hal will take a Green Lantern and place it inside the Yellow Central Battery. Hal is highly suspicious, but Sinestro just tells him to listen. As they wait for the right time, Sinestro sees a woman he used to know, Arsona. She attacks one of the Yellow Lanterns, but is thrown off.  Sinestro breaks his own plan to save her. Hal goes to do his part of the plan, but it ends badly for him and ends on a huge cliffhanger.



I really liked this issue as it expanded on not only the interaction between Hal and Sinestro, but also the horrible plans that the Guardians have started. It was interesting to see Sinestro’s planet and what has happened to it since the Yellow Lanterns took over. Sinestro wants to save his people, but they are afraid of him and the Yellow Lanterns see him as a traitor.


The art continued to be great in this issue. There were some great close ups of faces and eyes. The drawings of all the different types of Yellow Lanterns were great. They each had a different look and it was really nice to see. And the final two pages are some of the best I’ve ever seen.