Writing: Greg Pak

Art: Tony Parker

Published: Aspen Comics


Tony Parker, Peter Steigerwald

Dead Man’s Run  is a fast-paced, high energy story of a cowardly cartographer and his innocent sister who end up trapped in a horrible underground prison; this prison just happens to be in hell. Sam Tinker is determined to use his photographic memory and map making skills to find his sister and get the hell out of there before they both lose their souls forever. Hell is comprised of many levels, harboring different types of criminals and beasts. Sam was lucky enough to grab a glimpse of the map of hell during his meeting with the beautiful and mysterious warden. All of this was established in Dead Man’s Run #1; #2 doesn’t allow you to stop for air before plunging back into the adventure full force.

Alex Konat, Peter Steigerwald

Greg Pak (Hulk) and Tony Parker (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) make a great pair for this comic. There’s something in the storytelling that is energetic but simple and matter-of-fact; the art echos that sentiment with bold colors, clean lines and lots of depth. Dead Man’s Run #2 introduces some intriguing new characters, fellow prisoners who are not clearly friends or enemies of Sam just yet. Everyone he meets wants the same thing that he does, which is to escape, but Sam is quickly learning that they all may have underlying agendas, some more honorable than others. He is, after all, in the company of murderers, thieves, rapists and liars.


I don’t want to give away too much, but I must say I love the face off  with the giant, albino crocodile. The well drawn fight scenes do well to keep the energy racing through the book and thus far each issue has left me hanging on a new string, wondering ‘what the hell was that?’. Excellent, unique story behind this with really nice art. I definitely recommend Dead Man’s Run, if for nothing else because there’s no other comic out there right now telling this story. 


If you want to catch up on Dead Man’s Run, it’s available now through Aspen Comics. Dead Man’s Run #2 will be available on shelves March 7.