Do you like comics? Want to feel like you are move involved in them? Then 4villains is for you! is offering to help you become the best villain or hero you can be. 4Villians meets the challenge of keeping of web series interesting by involving the viewers to join in on the fun. By building your own character and interacting in their companion social hub, viewers can play and earn points, unlock achievements and if they really make a name for themselves be part of the background in the web series. The web series is a humorous, fun blend of comic book homage, humor and an invite to become part of the fun online. On top of the web series 4 villains releases side stories through their entertaining web comic featuring the main villains and some of the viewer’s characters. The network also features specialty groups that offer monthly prizes of character artwork as a reward for the most active users.

As a hero or a villain, at the 4Villains social network you can even create your own lair. Leveling up by infiltrating your nemesis defense systems, role playing, attaining points helps your character to become part of the community. 4Villains viewers earn infamy point by playing various games and by betting on prospective winners who enter the arena where viewers face off with a fellow hero or villains and role the dice for a chance at victory.

Overall the interactive web series, comic and social network are engaging, filled with humor and fun. This passionately created series and site is the child of writer, director, actor and former D&D Dungeon master Jeff Saamanen. He uses his love of role playing games, comic books and writing to create a world where the viewers truly have a voice as to where the series goes next. The interactive viewer is welcomed into his world and in the process makes it a world where she or he can truly become the next walk on villain or hero.  Check out the fun at