Volume 2 of Kiani’s story in the world of Fathom hits the ground running with… A lot of exposition. A lot. Okay, that is actually not such a big deal since this is Episode 0. I would protest if it were Episode 1. But actually the writing isn’t what I wanted to focus on in this review. Those of you who are Fathom fans already are waiting with bated breath and welcome the exposition just as much as we 1980s Star Wars nerds welcomed the exposition at the beginning of ROTJ. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fathom realm will appreciate the exposition to explain your new plunge into the Blue.

But actually I mainly wanted to review the art in this issue. Lately I have been following Escher Girls, which is a site that discusses (and even redraws) the malformed female forms drawn in comics in the name of sexy. In previous Fathom series, I noticed there are plenty of broken-spined contortions going on, but in this issue, I was happy to see that “the sexy” was there in full, but not a broken spine to be found (until I turned to the back page. Darn. Oh well).  Seriously, though: I very much enjoyed the lovely undersea scenarios and almost Native-looking Fantasy lords discussing their tense future. I liked the High-Fantasy Atlantean feel of the world, though I don’t quite get the interdependence of text and image as much as I would like.

Fans will be happy to see Kiani back and ready to kick some butt, and newcomers will enjoy the lovely art and momentum of a female hero’s revenge.   ~Prof. Jenn