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When farts meet smarts, it’s high brow potty humor, for the low brow comedy lover.


Created by award winning indie film and animation director, Barry W. Levy (Spook, The Ex-Convict’s Guide To Surviving House Arrest, Division Denim) and new media producer, Helenna Santos Levy (The Day Player, Songs From…, Helenna’s Tinseltown Tuesdays) comes the animated series Girl and Boy which takes a hilarious poke at what’s going on around us.


Whether it’s celebrity, conspiracy, the economy, makeovers, or the origin of the word ‘sh*tter’, Girl and Boy, (the famous icons from the bathroom door), get right down to the nitty gritty.  If there’s something juicy going on, they’ll be shooting the sh*t about it.  Plus, they always have a special guest drop by at the end of the show to say hello, and let one fly.


The South Park style animation is deftly provided by Tai Keattivanichvily, who helped Levy mastermind the award winning animated short Division Denim and The Hollywood Adventures of Freedom the Polar Bear, now in development as a kids TV series.


Helenna, whose acting credits include American Reunion and Black Box TV, voices the character of Girl; and Barry who has been seen in Hawaii 5-0, Flight 93, and The X-Files, voices Boy.  They are joined by Kristen Nedopak (Skyrim: To Lydia With Love, Think Hero TV) as the announcer for the series’ sponsor, ‘Johnny’s Condoms’ (It’s Johnny’s for Your Johnson!), and Brian Rodda (Learn It In An Hour, Songs From…) playing ‘Mr. Broadway’.


Other animated celebrities who stop by include Rupert Murdoch, No Smoking, Paris Hilton, Men at Work, and the occasional star from the web.


All nine episodes of Season One will be available March 15th at:  http://www.girlandboy.tv/



Girl and Boy launches all nine Season One episodes on March 15th at http://www.girlandboy.tv


About Girl and Boy:  “Girl and Boy” stars Helenna Santos Levy as Girl (American Reunion, Black Box TV), Barry W. Levy (Hawaii 5-0, Flight 93, The X-Files) as Boy.  It is written and directed by Barry W. Levy, and animated by Tai Keattivanichvily


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