From time to time we here at Nerds in Babeland will have a guest blogger, and sometimes that guest is a guy. Below is a review, written by Rodney Stanton III, of Hippy Johnny and the banality of life.



Hippy Johnny and the banality of life is an (auto?) biographical tale filled with pop cultural references that addresses the questions of middle adulthood; more clearly, the questions that many face when adult life didn’t go well.  Ryan Dodd pulls together a story worthy of television and movies, and enhances the mood with liberal use of ink.   While some of his influences may take issue with the term “graphic novel” to describe this book, Dodd fits an interesting, complete story in the 88 pages of this book.


The story is told in a format reminiscent of a comedy movie.  The standard elements we expect in an 88 minute comedy fit into these 88 pages.  The focus is on Johnny’s struggle with identity after a failed career.  Also presented are descriptions of his close friends and their tales.  The love interest is brought in and built up over time, something Hollywood could learn from.   This book could work well as the first of three parts but also manages to stand alone as its own short story.


Hippy Jonny