The following is a review of “Taking Flight,” a comic by artist Garry McLaughlin and writer Stephen Sutherland

Simultaneously captivating and entertaining, from the first panels of Taking Flight I knew it was going to be everything a comic should be. TF allows the reader to share in a superhuman’s first leap (literally) into his new abnormal existence. It chronicles the history of the superhero, and then shows us an ordinary guy with extraordinary powers. The concept might sound overdone, but I think Garry McLaughlin does a good job of taking it in different directions than you would expect. The worldview of people with superpowers here, for one thing, is not the norm at all. I hate spoilers in reviews, so I’m going to make you read for yourself. The point isn’t for me to give you the plot; it’s to intrigue you enough to make you find out for yourself. Hopefully I have done that here.

About the artist:  
Garry McLaughlin started self publishing in 2009 with a collaborative series of underground horrors before moving onto more mainstream work such as Taking Flight and Good Cop Bad Cop (Black Hearted Press). He is hard at work on his first graphic novel called Black Leaf, written by John Lees.
About the writer:
26 year old Stephen Sutherland graduated from Strathclyde University in 2007 after writing his dissertation on comic book narratives. He has since worked as a subtitler and is excited to have published his first comic without harming himself or others. Taking Flight is that comic.