One of my favorite things about having geek friends is the fact that we can all sit together and dissect a book, TV show, movie, etc.  That is why I was so interested in reading The Girl Who Was On Fire, a collection of essays written by YA authors dissecting “The Hunger Games” trilogy.

By far my favorite essay is “Team Katniss” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes because it hits on a topic that I have been known to rant about a bit on twitter, the whole Peeta vs. Gale debate. I am firmly with Ms. Barnes on Team Katniss. She is not defined by the boy she chooses, and it is a bit insulting for people to think so lowly of her.

The rest of the essays cover topics ranging from the science of the books to how closely our current Reality TV programming comes to that in “The Hunger Games” trilogy. In “Panem et Circenses,” Carrie Ryan discuss just how thin the line is and just how easily it can be manipulated to get the desired results. As someone who has been unemployed sitting at home watching Reality TV all day for months this really hit home for me.

So all-in-all, if you enjoy a good dissection and have read “The Hunger Games” trilogy, I highly recommend that you pick up – the completely unauthorized – The Girl Who Was On Fire.


The Girl Who Was On Fire

**The Girl Who Was on Fire – Movie Edition is an anthology of YA
authors, including NYT bestsellers Carrie Ryan and Jackson Pearce and
It’s Kind of a Funny Story novelist Ned Vizzini, writing about the
Hunger Games trilogy. You can see the full line-up and more at**