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This comic touches on many very true elements of tech support. When I had to deal with my ISP’s tech support staff last month, I was brought to frustration and near-anger multiple times. While I’m sure there are individuals who are honestly lost when it comes to their computer, whose tech support call can be ended by a simple suggestion of “reboot your system”, there are surely more of us who understand the inner-workings of our systems.

I design and program systems for a living, so I understand how to get into the back-end and fiddle. Rest assured that if I’ve resorted to calling tech support, I’ve exhausted all my options. Telling me to “restart your computer, then find your Start menu” is not only belittling my intelligence, but wasting my time. Go off the script and listen to what I’m telling you! This is what I’ve tried, we’re at this point now, go from there.

Ah, if only there were indeed a secret password that we could use to bypass all the tiresome steps and go straight to someone who knows what they’re doing. Until then, geeks everywhere will continue to try to solve their own problems before resorting to the non-supportive tech support.