“In a futuristic Boston, where robots (referred to as ‘Nodes’) are a part of everyday life, the mysterious Barbara Diya hires private detective Otto Vainikainen and his french heavy-metal head assistant Patricia to investigate the murder of her brother. What Otto and Patricia discover will set into motion the biggest case of their lives.”


Our story begins in a basement somewhere in the city…


…and takes us on a sci-fi adventure full of mystery (and robots). Within the first minutes we are gradually introduced to the main characters and the case we will be following. The play gives us just enough to grab our attention and drag us along as Otto and Patricia take on the case of Barbara’s murdered brother. What Otto hopes will be a quick case is unfolded to us in 8 parts. The whole thing is done like an old school radio play, except you can listen to it on your iPhone. I was impressed with the writing and character development, how visual characteristics are described without it being awkward and sound effects help the listener imagine the setting and sequence of events. If your goal is to be entertained, “The Ba Gua Etuis Box” is full of intrigue and humor that will give you just what you’re looking for.


This review has been presented after only listening to the first part, but I’m interested enough to see what happens that I plan on following this sci-fi mystery to it’s (assumedly) stunning conclusion. Want to join me? You can download the play on the SCRT website or on iTunes.