Comics Review:  Spandex

I was happy to have the opportunity to review the new collection of comics from the Spandex universe, created by Martin Eden. This first collection is called Fast and Hard, and is a great way to celebrate comics’ first all-gay superhero team.

I’ll admit: when I first began this collection, I was not that thrilled with the focus on torrid relationships, and was underwhelmed by the quality of the art. I’ll still say I’m underwhelmed by the art in general, but in the last story–the one about Nadir–the art grew on me. I think it’s because of the bright and intense use of color, and the Nadir story really hinges on that visual aspect.

Speaking of Nadir: s/he has got to be the scariest, most compelling villain I have seen in comics in a long while. Without spoiling anything, I’ll assert that this collection is worth a read just for the Nadir story. I want to see more of this chilling, terrifying villain–can s/he please come back in future collections? For me?

Oh, and more pink ninjas too–those are awesome.

Bottom line:  Definitely pick up Spandex for the Nadir story alone, and enjoy the colorful team of superheroes in their first adventures.   ~Prof. Jenn

(Picture found on Den of Geek’s interview with Martin Eden)