Have you ever seen Arrested Development? Well.. I was watching it the other day, and naturally.. got a hankering for a Bluth Frozen Banana.. Unfortunately for me, there is no banana stand at the corner of my street.. Soooo… Macgyvering it was the next best option.
Here’s how to make yourself a tasty, frozen summer snack.. with what you probably have laying around the kitchen. The night before, I took three bananas, unpeeled them, wrapped them like cigars in wax paper, and stuck them in the freezer.

Here’s what you’ll need: your frozen bananas, chocolate chips, something microwaveable to melt the chocolate in, peanuts, and a plate/tray for your peanuts.

Now… with those chocolate chips, we’re going to melt those the quick and easy way.. so put those in the microwave on MEDIUM heat for 2 minutes.. you’ll just barely see the chips start to get glossy. Then, mix these up with a fork- they will melt as you stir them. If you need to melt these more [or need to reheat them at anytime during your banana shenanigans], put them back in the microwave [still at 50% heat] for no more than 20 second increments at a time. 

As for the peanuts.. suuuure, you can get crushed peanuts. And suuuure, even if you have whole peanuts, you can crush them with a culinary mullet or whatever.. but screw that. I felt like using a REAL hammer.. so while the chocolate is melting, crush your peanuts the badass way: put them in a ziploc bag, and BEAT them with a hammer. Have fun. Then pour them into your peanut tray/plate.


Here comes the messy part. 

One banana at a time… first dip it in the chocolate:

Once it’s coated.. move it on over to the peanuts: 

That really is all there is to it.. Now you have your very own Bluth Frozen Banana (or in my case, Bagwell Frozen Banana) to sink your teeth into! 


Happy Banana’ing!