There are a few things I always look for in a high quality anthology: first, it should have a wide range of selections that yet epitomize the theme of the anthology. Second, it should be a diverse collection of author and genre. Third, it should have a well written introduction that acts as a thesis of sorts and adds to the literature on the subject. Digital Rapture has all these things.

“Digital Rapture” itself refers to what Sci fi fans call the Singularity. The stories and essays collected here all add up to a fascinating spectrum of writings surrounding that theme. I like that the anthology is divided into different sections that are sort of subgenres, too–like The End of the Human Era and Across the Event Horizon. Kelly and Kessel’s introduction explains this subdivision, as well as why the selections fall under each category. This is a great feature, in that we get to appreciate the book’s organization, but also think about this theme more closely in the process.

As far as diversity and variety, Digital Rapture has that too. Everyone from Asimov to Vinge, from Doctorow to Pohl and more appear here, and there are essays, short stories, novellas…everything a Sci fi reader could ask for.

Bottom line: I highly recommend Digital Rapture, especially to those scholastically interested in or wanting to write about the Singularity themselves.   ~Prof. Jenn

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