Where the Dead Fear to Tread, by M.R. Gott is a fantasy/horror story that will grab you from the first few pages (assuming you are intrigued by darker storytelling). I don’t want to put spoilers in for those who actually would like to read the book (which is always the hope in doing a review of any thing). I can tell you it’s a relatively easy read while still remaining intriguing and complex. The writing is clever and seems well-thought out. The main character, like the writing, is a complex man who you’re not sure if you can classify as “good” or “bad”. The story takes him through a supernatural mystery that will leave you wanting more. (No, seriously, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Warning to you now, for those who get frustrated with such things.) Fear not, though, nerdlings! There is already a second book planned, Where the Damned Fear Redemption, so hopefully all our questions will be answered there. In the meantime, you can get WTDFTT through Amazon. It gets a little more than weird in some places (and not suitable for children), but if you feel daring then pop on over an give it a try. Promise at the very least it will be interesting.