Image Courtesy of Unleash the Fanboy

I’ll admit, I am a Lenore n00b. So what I can’t do is tell you how this new collection compares with previous collections, how character arcs have progressed, etc. What I can aver is that the insane adventures of the “cute little dead girl” is some of the strangest, funnest stuff I’ve ever read.

Talented crazy genius Roman Dirge does the writing, drawing, and coloring of these, which is an achievement in and of itself. The fact that it’s high quality, fun and comedic and grotesque all at the same time is a further testament to Dirge’s talent.This particular collection has a wide variety of short one offs (almost like what you would find in a newspaper), longer story arcs (zomg the cupcake castle!) and the delightful author’s life story interludes, which makes the collection exciting and difficult to put down.

Bottom Line: Fans have apparently been waiting around 5 years for this. It’s worth the wait. Newcomers to Lenore will find there is enough hint at backstory (without info dumps) that you can get immediately immersed in the nuttiness without having to go back and get the previous ones. But of course, after reading Swirlies, you’ll want to.
~Prof. Jenn