So today on Twitter I played a fun game with a fellow geek @GEEKLEETIST. We decided that there needed to be a Star Wars Hotel and we came up with a list of names for rooms, etc that would be in this hotel. We had some help from other lovely fellow geeks/nerds as well 🙂

-Meesa Gonna Fry as a fondue shoppe! (@egspoony)
-Java Hutt (coffee and pastries. LOTS of pastries) (@egspoony)
-Bar Bar Jinks (@egspoony)
-Cantina Bar and Lounge – exotically colored drinks (Pangalactic GargleBlaster anyone?) with foam and dry ice. (@theroseinbloom)
-Yoda’s Yoga Lounge & The Sarlaac Steakhouse (@1JoshuaStone)
-Jabba’s Joint featuring The Max Rebo Band (@1JoshuaStone)
-AT-AT room @ rear exterior of the #StarWarsHotel costs few extra Republic credits but worth it. Includes HBO and Skinimax! (@GEEKLEETIST)
-Princess Leia hair salon and hot bun shop (@ladyshark66)
-Mon Calamari is exclusively on the bar menu. (@dreidelhustler)
-Knobs labeled “The Force” in order to make the jacuzzi work…they go to 11! (@nerdsinbabeland & @GEEKLEETIST)
-Wampa Cave room (@GEEKLEETIST)
-the honeymoon suite is called the Kessel Run (@aboynamedart)
-Star Wars Hotel should constantly have a broken hyperdrive. (@meek_the_geek)
-Wookie Nookie room, like a tree house but hairier with crossbows! (@GEEKLEETIST)
-Dagobah Steam room (in the gym area), Cloud City Room (penthouse suite) (@nerdsinbabeland)
-We’re gonna need a room with the Millennium Falcon bed
-Jawa Gift Shoppe complete with snow globes and baby onesies that say “This is what happened when mommy says “Be my father” (@GEEKLEETIST)

Please add your suggestions in the comments section!