Review: Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe
Review by Prof. Jenn
You’ll have to excuse my scattered writing style for this review, dear readers. I was up till the wee hours of the morning, reading this book. All the way through. In one sitting. Yes, it’s that good.

It’s also apparently the fourth book that features “sword jockey” Eddie LaCrosse, and as I haven’t read the others (*ahem* I can haz moar review copeez?), I can’t compare this to LaCrosse’s previous adventures. If they’re half as swashbuckling as this one, though, I’d blindly recommend them.

The thing about Wake of the Bloody Angel is: it’s adventure on the high seas, but with very real, compelling characters. It’s pirates and swordplay with nobody uttering “arr” whatsoever. All the blurbs about this book I’ve seen call it a combination of Fantasy and detective fiction. I wasn’t buying that, and I’m still not sure I do–it’s not really accurate to call this detective fiction, though I guess I can see why one would use such terms: it’s super-tight, plot-wise, much more than especially an epic style Fantasy; it centers around figuring out whodunit (or wheredunit); it boasts twists and turns that adhere to excellent mystery writing (a professor of mine once said that in mystery writing, *what* the reader knows isn’t as important as *when* he knows it); and it’s, well, exciting!

That’s what I like most about Wake of the Bloody Angel–it’s got a balance between swashbuckling and realism, between edge of the seat action and quiet moments of relationships, and between the stark reality of living as a fighter, and monsters and ghosts, and pirates, oh my. And the meeting with Rody Hawk was one of the scariest moments I’ve experienced since…meeting with Hannibal Lecter? Since the Cradle level in Thief 3? Yeah, *that* scary.

Bottom Line: YES! That is all.
~Prof. Jenn