MacGyver #1
Yep, that MacGyver. Come to think of it, the series is perfect for comics conversion–it’s action packed, centers around a quirky hero who gets into and out of scrapes and saves the world each episode. Perfect comics fodder, wouldn’t you agree?
I had a lot of fun with this first issue–it’s sort of a reboot origin story, where we get some of MacGyver’s past without having to go back to when he was a teenager or anything. He’s already, well, himself in this adventure and is asked for help in a mysterious venture by an erstwhile professor. The opening issue also has the required prickly heroine who ends up on our side, and of course we’re having to get scrappy against The Man, since we’re really the good guys. It’s not quite a throwback to the ’80s series, but has enough of the tv tropes to make it a good read for those of us who used to enjoy it on tv. Those new to the character will appreciate it too, I have no doubt.
Highlight: the Sherlockian way the use of found items for defense, etc. are shown to us in print. It’s great to see Mac’s thought process as he makes a machine gun out of a Q tip.
The art in this series looks good so far–bright and well framed. It reminds me of a good superhero comic you’d read as a kid. In a good way. It’s peppy and has exciting perspectives like a well shot action movie. Mac looks like the character from the TV show without being a fully realistic portrait of the actor.
Bottom Line: MacGyver is a strong opening issue, and I’m actually excited for more.


Dr. Who/Star Trek crossover #6

Daleks and Cybermen and Borg, oh my!
We already were introduced to this concept of the three scariest cyborg monsters in TV teaming up/fighting each other, and it’s really one of the most terrifying things I can imagine. Still is, in this issue. However, our story has progressed, and we get some excellent morality questioning when Picard has to face his former Locutus situation for the greater good. I’m interested in the ways the Borg have adapted, and can’t wait to see what happens next. The Doctor didn’t have a whole lot to do in this issue but be a moral compass, but ain’t that just the way? He’s always breezing in to different worlds and asking them why not just all get along, ya know?
Bottom Line: still recommended.

~Prof. Jenn