What a fun romp of a book! I read this in one sitting, because it moves so very very fast. This
book reads like a tight procedural detective TV show. In a good way.
What I liked:
-Holmes’ characterization
-the friendship between Holmes and Watson
-so very very action packed!
-a wonderful array of tropes from Sherlockiana that we Sherlock nerds know, want, and love.
-references to Doyle. Quotes even.

What I did not so much:

-I dunno about the combination between Sherlock Holmes and supernatural forces. I mean, Estleman did a good job as far as it goes, but there needed to be more of us seeing Holmes really have to wrap his logical brain around something that isn’t logical. That needs more than just Watson noticing his expression was kinda like his whole belief system was upended, oh but the train has arrived let’s move on…
-Having said that, I will say Holmes is totally in character throughout. Estleman seems to have done his research.
-References to Doyle, quotes even. It’s the so-close-to-a-quote thing that I find a tetch grating. The dialogue between Holmes and Watson after the boat chase scene is nearly verbatim from The Empty House, and so it messed with my head-canon continuity a bit. I mean, does that mean in that universe Holmes never had the Reichenbach incident? Why reference other Doyle canon stories and then dismiss that one? Why this irked me when the references of Moffatt, Gatiss, and Adams makes me squee, I’m  not sure. I have a feeling it’s because the adherences to and violations of Doyle-canon material is unclear in this book.
Actually, I need to re-read it and get back to you on that.
Bottom line: A great read–highly recommended.   ~Prof. Jenn