Writing: Brian K. Vaughan

Art: Fiona Staples

Review by Melissa Megan


Recently, a friend of mine said something like ‘Saga fans are the Breaking Bad fans of comic books’. (Elliot Serrano) So true. If you haven’t been reading Saga this past year, you’re missing out on one of the greatest things to happen in comic books since Y: The Last Man. Saga is one of my top 5 favorites of 2012, and so far this year hasn’t let up in quality or pure awesomeness.

Issue #9 brings us back to The Will, who has been distracted from his job of hunting down a forbidden family, by his discovery and aching desire to rescue a child sold in to slavery. He dreams of the return of his murdered love, The Stalk. In marches Gwendolyn, a political princess with a personal agenda to get The Will back on his target, and she offers to do what she can to help him get what he wants.

From Issue #1 of this series, you can’t help but hope for the successful escape of Marko and Alana, new parents to what most consider an ‘abomination’. They’re hunted by their respective governments, hired assassins and now a bitter ex, Gwendolyn. This issue is a prime example of why Saga has won so many hearts. It’s not so much the fantastic, magical creatures or the sci-fi backdrop of interplanetary war, or even the absurdly clean but equally pretty art work of Fiona Staples. Saga’s real allure lies in the depth and complexity of it’s characters. The Will is a deadly assassin hunting down a family who want nothing more than to be left alone to love each other. By all accounts, we should hate this guy. Now that The Will has made it his objective to save a slave child whom he just met, we suddenly have empathy for him and think ‘maybe he’s not so bad’. 

Even Gwen, Marko’s embittered ex fiancee who was first introduced with a pissy attitude and a chip on her shoulder, exposes some heart and tenderness in the rescue of the child. Saga keeps you guessing at every turn, never completely sure who is an enemy and who might be an ally in disguise.

Saga is one of the best comics in the shelf right now, no question. The story is enchanting, the art a perfect match and the characters genuine. Start reading it now and don’t miss out on this treat.