Book Review: Plague Nation

Book Review: Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti

Review by: Prof. Jenn


For a reminder of my opinion of Fredsti’s first zombie book in this series, and my interview with her, see here:

In Plague Nation, the zombie virus has spread from our one little college town to all the way across the, well, nation. We also learn that there is more than meets the eye with how the plague started in the first place. We catch a brief glimpse of a new villain, and learn more about a possible cure. Though the next book is called Plague World, so I wouldn’t hold your breath yet.

Here’s my professional opinion of Plague Nation, in list form, like the last one was. Also, lists are cool.

What I liked:

What I didn’t like:

Bottom line: if you can grit your teeth past Ashley’s voice, pick up Plague Nation and have fun seeing how our intrepid wild cards are faring against the spread of the zombie virus.

 ~Prof. Jenn

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