Review: Arrested Development Season 4 

Review by: Prof. Jenn



“I have just witnessed a 15-circle Venn diagram”–Prof. Jenn’s Facebook status, Monday morning post-season 4

I was one of those fans that sat down on Sunday and watched every one of the new 15 episodes of Arrested Development one after the other. In one sitting. I had rewatched all the old FOX episodes very shortly before the release of the highly anticipated new Netflix series, so the early shenanigans of the Bluth family were still fresh in mind as I embarked on Season 4.

Now of course the first thing anyone interested in this series wants to know is: Is it as funny as the previous three seasons? Well…

Is Season 4 as funny as the old seasons? No. Is it as entertaining? Yes. More so, if you’re the kind that likes interlocking plot puzzles (which I am). Each episode in Season 4 centers around one character as its POV character. So we basically see the same span of time (directly after the Season 3 finale with the boat, etc.) elapse over and over, with each different POV giving us more layers of what’s happening in the background of the other episodes, until by the time we get to Maeby’s story, our head is reeling with all the interconnected nodes in the plot web. This gives Season 4 much rewatchability, as there are plenty of clues and Easter-egg like treats as each episode nods to each other one.

Some highlights: the Maeby story. Maria Bamford. The scenes between Gob and Tony Wonder. The incredible goofy psychosis of Buster. Cinco de Quatro. Tommy Tune. The head-swimmingly interconnected plots. Actually I can really just call it one plot, with several different windows offering different views of it.

Bottom Line: Absolutely recommended, no question. If the first ep or two starts out slow for you, keep at it. Your brain will explode by, like, episode 7.

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