Book Review: The Guild Official Companion by Felicia Day, et. al

Review by: Prof. Jenn

If you didn’t think stellar webseries The Guild needed a gorgeous, glossy coffee-table book, oh how wrong you were. The Guild Official Companion is a fantastic addition to any Guild fan’s library, or any Felicia Day fan’s library, for that matter. It’s as bright and colorful and full of wit as the series itself, and gives plenty of tasty behind the scenes tidbits both in images and words.

The book is laid out in a scrapbook style, with long blurbs by all major cast and crew members, who detail their approaches to their roles, how the whole thing started, how surprised and delighted everyone is at the degree to which it has continued, and is peppered with both visual art from the show and snapshots. The written bits do tend towards a slight redundancy (yes, we get that everyone is way surprised that the show took off like it did, how humble its beginnings were), but really that’s not even a complaint–if I were in Evey’s or Day’s or anyone else’s shoes on this project I’d be just as mind-blown.

This book opens some windows into the webseries process, encourages all readers to (in the words of Storm of Paul and Storm) Go Do Things, and gives insights into character development, writing, and even how often the actors improv. I am ecstatic that these brilliant people decided to go against the TV grain, make their own good work, and be this successful at it. This book is a glorious summary of that brilliance and success.

Bottom Line: Very highly recommended, for any geek, fan, or geek fan’s library.