Comics Review: Two of Doctor Who

Skyjacks #2 by Diggle, Robson, Kuhn, etc.

Dr. Who Classics: “Nemesis of the Daleks” #s 1-3 by Starkings, Tomlinson, Sullivan, etc.

Review by: Prof. Jenn



This is a fun and exciting installment in the 11th Doctor comic series–we begin with the Doctor returning from a years-long mystery trip and it’s up to him and Clara to figure out what the heck is going on. There are friendly military to help (giving yours truly a fond nostalgic think-back to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), and you can’t deny a giant flying robotic pterodactyl. You just can’t.

The art is minimalist, with very thick outlines and a bare minimum of shading, etc. which is quite appealing and effective for the tight storyline.

Bottom Line: Recommended. Actually, I can’t wait to see what happens next!


I do enjoy the classic Doctor quite a bit, as the Old School versions are ones I grew up with, and thereby they hold a special place in my heart. The 7th doctor isn’t one of those in my childhood canon, though I do appreciate those eps in the TV series. “Nemesis of the Daleks” has an interesting premise, as we meet an enemy of the Daleks that could potentially be deadlier to the Daleks than even the Doctor. Absalom Daak is supposed to be charming rogue with a passionate goal of revenge, but he falls way flat as a character. His torrid backstory is cliched and his interaction with the Doctor is like a much less interesting 4th Doctor/Leela dynamic, with the Doctor attempting to make Daak more civilised and not violently impulsive, and Daak insisting his rough-and-tumble ways are best. I just didn’t find the story all that compelling.

The artwork is quite good–a mild Mignola-esque flavor and interesting fight scenes. The 7th Doctor looks enough like the actor that we know who it is, without it being a series of actor portraits, but character illustration instead. The art didn’t save the story, however.

Bottom Line: Skip this one, unless you are the kind of collector that is a completist.