Book Review: Samurai Son by M.H. Bonham

Review by: Prof. Jenn


This review is a milestone for me–it’s the first novel I have gotten to review that I first saw in partial form in a class. It’s one of the pieces I worked with Bonham on during her tenure at DU, and I’m thrilled to see it not only complete, but polished and published.

Samurai Son is a Japanese-flavored adventure fantasy, replete with tengu, dragons, ninja and of course, samurai. It’s a YA novel, which means that there are some scenes of violence and sexual situations, but it’s not all Game of Thrones.

Samurai Son follows two protagonists, Akira and Kasumi, young samurai from different clans who end up working together to foil a plot to open a gate that will flood the world with oni (those are Japanese demons). It’s a good side-by-side coming-of-age plot, wherein our young male samurai is Luke-Skywalker-like frustrated with his training and his supernatural yet secret inner nature, and our young female samurai comes to terms with having witnessed an awful scene, and how and when family ties are important and when they need to be broken. The characters are interesting enough that a young reader has two heroes to look up to and interesting creatures to learn about that are different than the standard Celtic magic fare of most fantasy.

There are some moments where the tropes turn into cliche, but the overall Japanese setting sort of makes up for that. There are other sections where I wish I could have worked on with Bonham before it got to print. The portrayal of the ninja is particularly cool, and the magic system well thought out, especially who wields magic when, and how magic use is sensed. And again, the setting is so refreshing, as well as being a perfect backdrop for a magical adventure story.

Bottom Line: It ain’t perfect, but Samurai Son is recommended for teen readers especially.

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