TAH cover


The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a podcast (which is actually a rebroadcast of a monthly stage show) in the style of an old-time radio show. At least, that’s all it was until now. Thanks to the support of their fans and Kickstarter backers, they were able to create a graphic novel! Featuring some classic characters as well as current favorites, the TAH novel is 136 pages of pure fun. It has everything a fan of the podcast could want and then some. Not only do you get stories of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars and those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle from Beyond Belief, you also get to see adventures from Colonel Tick-Tock, Captain Laserbeam, Amelia Earhart, and more! It even includes ads for Patriot Brand Cigarettes and other fun things, all in the style of old newspaper or magazine ads.

“What if you’re not a fan of the podcast?” you ask. Fear not! While the stories will definitely appeal to current fans of the show for many different reasons, the stories also stand alone very nicely. True, as a fan of the show myself I was very excited to see the characters I had become familiar with come to life on the page, but I also tried to imagine seeing these characters being presented to me for the first time and couldn’t find anything that would make me feel lost or disconnected in any way. So, whether you’re on old-time fan of the show or this is your first introduction, I believe the TAH graphic novel has something to offer everyone. I do heartily recommend checking the podcast out once you’ve finished the novel, however. Each episode is pretty short (about 30 mins) and there are a lot of fun stories in there for you to catch up on. Happy consuming, nerds!


The Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel is now available at your local comic shop. It will be released in all bookstores Aug 20th. You can find more at the TAH website. To check out the podcast go to Nerdist website, where you will find it listed along the many other podcasts in the Nerdist family.