The Flash #23 finally brings us the face off that’s been building for some time in the New 52 universe: When The Flash crosses path with Reverse Flash.

Reverse Flash is a revered antagonist of Flash and was at the center of the wildly entertaining recent DC/Warner Bros. animated movie release of Flashpoint. Check it out, then go back a read the comics it was based on. Or vice versa… Hey, it’s your life!

The Flash #23 issue is part 4 in a storyline in which Wally has been trying to track down the culprit who is murdering anyone with access and powers through The Speed Force. What works in this issue is we finally get to the exciting reveal of who the Speed Force Killer– The Reverse Flash and who his true identity is.

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato continue their well balanced writing of both superhero business with Wally’s personal life as we get a glimpse of how his girlfriend Patty is handling Wally’s busy extracurricular running schedule in a nice character moment between her and her father. She’s at her parent’s anniversary party alone, as Wally is too tied up saving time itself to be able to attend. Coupled with some exquisite frame work and continued exciting artwork, Flash maintains itself to be one of my favorite current DC books.

I won’t spoil the ending of this issue, but I will say this, it leads up directly into September’s Villains month at DC, where all the titles will be taken over by the character’s major villain. The next Flash issue will actually be Reverse Flash’s comic.

The ending is dramatic in some big ways and worth the cliffhanger it sets up. The storyline concludes in four weeks, after the Villain’s month issue.