Ever wanted to lead a rebellion? Wanted to run your own kingdom? Wanted to be the ultimate Lute Hero?! Well here is your chance to do all three! Yes, that’s right, Lute Hero. I think someone needs to get on that, could be the next big thing. My adventure with Fable 3 started at 11:35 at night where I decided to travel to the midnight opening with my cane, because my busted and painful knee meant nothing when I could start playing Fable 3 that very night. A note though, don’t take a friend who doesn’t have a 360 and doesn’t really like the Fable series because s/he will rip off the plastic and the sticky bit of your game without feeling or emotion without your permission. It was tragic.

So what are some of the biggest changes for Fable? Well, get this, the Hero has a voice! Yes that’s right ladies and blokes! Your very own Hero, male or female, will actually have the ability to talk, and uses that ability every so often! No more are the days of the pantomime character who expresses feelings and actions with only expressions. Kissing will sound like ravenous dogs biting at meat, and the sex will have you wondering… well, will just have you wondering what exactly they’re doing. They also have employed some top notch voice acting with their characters, such as Stephen Fry, John Cleese, Simon Pegg, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Bernard Hill.

I start this game as I’ve started the other two, being insanely good and fair, and like in Fable II, a lass. If you have a Fable II save on your 360 it will upload it and references will be made to what the former King or Queen did before, regardless of your starting gender. I usually play the game three times at the least; Angelically good, Morally Ambiguous, and Horribly evil. Although with this installment, the characters and story telling make me feel guilty for doing anything Other than being the best person ever. Hence my evil campaign goes slowly, so I’m not bogged down with metaphorical guilt.

As you may or may not have heard, the new addition to the Fable series is a two-parter, story-wise. And here is where I review what steps (in a somewhat reduced spoiler way) are to be taken that will end the evil rule of your brother, King Logan! *Please insert gasps here*

Within the first five minutes of play you will have to make several decisions that affect your moral standing right away. This leads to your mentor, Sir Walter Beck, deciding that now is the time that a revolution is needed, and that night he takes you and your faithful dog out of the castle, with Jasper, your butler, following, as faithful as your dog is. It is then revealed that your Mother, (in my case) the Hero Queen, was not the last Hero of Albion, you are! *Pretend to be shocked now* You soon gain the ability to cast magic, a fire spell, with a gauntlet instead of the usual Will ability inherent in the blood. Then you find the Sanctuary.

This is an interesting, and very important place. This is where you will go almost every time you pause the game. Your Armoury, Dressing room, Trophy room, and Xbox LIVE room is found here, as well as game options and a look your Hero’s skills and morality. Jasper stays here and will let you know when something happens or he wants to talk to you. It’s also the place where you’ll find and take quests, and even manage your real estate ventures, or even divorce your spouse, (should you not want to do it face to face.)

Your first task to start the revolution is to gain supporters and followers. But of course it would be too easy to just walk up to the different areas and get them to agree to help. First are the Dwellers, then the village of Brightwall. The King of the Dwellers needs you to do three tasks for him to prove that they can trust you, which involves you going to Brightwall. While in Brightwall you must prove yourself to the people there in order for them to help the Dwellers. To get the help that you need you must makes promises to the people; To give the mountains and land back to the Dwellers, and to re-open the Brightwall Academy. If you want to be evil then you must wait until the end to do anything about these promises. Fake your sincerity while you press the button if it makes you feel better.

Sir Walter and you are then off again after an interesting encounter with Hobbes, to Mourningwood! To a ragtag bunch of soldiers who are fighting Hollowmen. Help them fight off the hollowmen and you’ll have your next set of supporters after giving another promise concerning the Royal Army. Then you’re off to Bowerstone, one step closer to the Bowerstone Castle and freeing the people from their oppression. You’ll meet the Resistance in the sewers and have to prove yourself once again. And you’ll have an interesting run in with Reaver. Yup, Reaver is still sacrificing people to keep his immortality, and he’s dressed for the occasion. You must promise to help the poor and the children of Bowerstone Indrustial to get this support. (Did I mention a heavy Steampunk influence? Because I make Steampunk costumes, and I was practically drooling.)

Along your travels you are allowed to go off and complete other quests, or work for some extra gold to pick up some items, or to save for a rainy, bloody, day, (start amassing money now, Trust me.) Fable II players, remember the gargoyles? The ones that would insult you if you got close, that you had to shoot? No they’re not back. It’s worse! Gnomes. That’s right, talking, insulting, annoying, gnomes. That you have to shoot. And you’ll do it gladly if you find them.

Next up, I’ll go over the last step to the revolution and the ultimate threat. Note to those who can freak themselves out by playing games at night, or thinking of creepers in a dark hallway while you’re in it, alone; this last part is not to be played in total darkness. … Just me? Oh,… well, then you can just ignore that….