Book Review: The Casebook of Newbury and Hobbes by George Mann

Review by: Prof. Jenn


Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes have been gallivanting around Mann’s alternative Victorian London for several novels now, and this collection of short stories is an excellent addition to their adventures. The stories are a good variety of POV and all are exciting, creative,download (1) steampunk adventure mysteries that shouldn’t be missed.

A couple of particularly interesting points: there is one story in this collection which is entirely epistolary, which ups that story’s suspense level multifold. There are several Chirstmas-y themed tales in here as well, which somehow adds more to the Victorian feel (as Mann himself says in the Story Notes). One thing to note: I have not read any Newbury and Hobbes books before reading this collection, and, though the stories and characters do stand alone just fine, as I read I got the feeling I wasn’t in on some of the more nuanced relationship evolutions, and got the feeling that someone who was familiar with the characters might have some OMG moments of origin story that was lost on me. I still thoroughly enjoyed myself, however, and these stories made me eager to explore the rest of the Newbury and Hobbes books.

Bottom Line: This collection is highly recommended, especially for those who already know and love our intrepid steampunk duo.