Comic Review: Peabody and Sherman #1

Review by: Prof. Jenn

How delighted was I to learn of the origin story behind dynamic time-traveling duo, smart-dog MR-PEABODY-AND-SHERMAN-1Peabody and his boy Sherman. These two have long been a favorite of mine in the Rocky & Bullwinkle pantheon, and this comic delivers in style, both the witty, snappy writing and the bold, colorful art design.

In issue #1, we learn of genius canine Peabody’s early life and his reasons behind (and early struggles with) acquiring and taming a pet boy. Of course  as any genius knows, the best way to keep a little boy occupied so he doesn’t mess up the house is to build a time machine, natch. This first issue is just as rollicking and quick-witted as its cartoon origin, and I’m happy these characters live on in comic form.

Bottom line: highly recommended.

Comic Review: Rat Queens #2

Review by: Prof. Jenn

You know? I *like* these ladies. I like em a lot. They are a terrific balance of chummy buddy-comedy fun, bitchy good humor, sexiness, and straight out action adventure. The pseudo-D&D setting is splendid and well drawn, and as we travel and fight (and drink) with these ladies, the more interesting, round, and complex they get as characters. Moreover, the story is unfolding sort of like a good adventure video game (like old school Thief or Assassin’s Creed) in that, the more we survive with them, the more information is revealed as to who may be behind the trouble we  been getting into.

As you’ve heard me say before, the art of Rat Queens is superb. I especially like the costuming. 🙂 Dark outlines, rich color, and dynamic, diverse character appearance all adds up to an adventuring group I’ll be happy to keep following.

Bottom line: yep, still good. Better and better.

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