Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima’s graphic novel is an impressive, violent journey through Edo period Japan. Dark Horse Manga’s Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus 3, is filled with the cyclonic intensity of Koike’s stories matched by Kojima’s generous panels where the black ink leaps off the page.

In Omnibus 3 we continue to view the travels of Ogami, the assassin known as Lone Wolf and Cub through the desolate Japanese countryside, sword fighting his way through his tumultuous path.  Accompanied by his young son Daigoro the lone swordsman battles to survive and protect.  The challenging characters that they meet in their travels range from gifted artisans to would be assassins working with blind desperation as insane edicts are passed and dispatched.

The original English translation  of Lone Wolf and Cub, released by First Comics back in 1987, featured an introduction by Frank Miller and captured its audience with broad detailed panels and clear concise story.

Dialogue plays a secondary role in most of the series, Koike allows Kojima’s art to cultivate and develop the stories. This third Ominibus released by Dark Horse Manga, delivers the art, angst and riveting trials that each story holds within this massive tome to one of my favorite Manga.  With rich stories like The Guns of Sakai, The Soldier in the Castle and Cloud Dragon, Wind Tiger this Ominbus keeps you turning the page, grateful you have the next story following instead of waiting for your pull list to be sent.

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus 3 is violent and at times quite sad, but it is a solid collections of some of the best stories in this series.  A true fury of emotion and action driven Manga, worthy of your collector’s shelf.