Note: There might be some mild spoilers in this review but nothing too serious. Still, if you haven’t read it yet and want everything to be a surprise then maybe give it a quick read first. Thanks, and enjoy.

When reading Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1, the first word that came to mind to describe it was “whimsical”. This is a fun and different take on Loki and the sibling rivalry between him and his brother Thor. One thing that is different about this one is that it is sympathetic to Loki, so if all you’re used to is Thor always being the hero then you’re in for a treat. Here we have Loki constantly vying for his father’s attention and being overshadowed by his brother. The comic almost makes us feel sorry for him, especially when the two brothers go on a mission together and Loki gets punished for failures that were totally his brother’s fault. So not fair! He turns his lemons into lemonade though, which seems to be what further issues will focus on.

Overall this first issue was a lot of fun. My favorite random part of the comic was a scene where you see Odin in a banquet hall with literally every god you could think of, including the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Yes, even the internet gods are real. I look forward to more adventures with Odin’s other son.