Warning: This one was hard to review without having a bunch of spoilers. I definitely leave the biggest surprises a secret, but if you don’t want any prior knowledge at all beforehand then I advise you to read the book first. If you were looking for help in deciding if it’s worth investing in, short answer is “yes”. Go buy it and devour before enjoying this extremely positive review. Thanks, and happy reading.


avatar the rift 1


The Rift is an Avatar graphic novel which takes place after the events of the TV series. The script is by Gene Luen Yang with art and cover done by Gurihiru and lettering by Michael Heisler. All of them combine to do a splendid job in creating a great story with vivid colors and drawings to match.

In the novel, you see a world where the Earth and Fire nations begin working together in a new era of peace. Toph is teaching at a metalbending school that she has started, and Aang also has a group of young airbenders he is training. During a celebration of the newly-found peace, Aang sees a vision of a past Avatar, Yangschen, who was the last Airbending Avatar before him. This leads him to what was once a sacred land to the air nomads, but now has a small town and the Earthen Fire Refinery. It seems like a great place, where Earth and Fire nation are working together to collect resources. Aang and Toph, who are no strangers when it comes to butting heads, argue over what is more important – preserving the past or creating a future where the whole world is united. There’s also a big surprise at the end as to who one of the people involved in the project is. I’m not going to spoil it, but they’re connected to someone in the group.

This story was great for people who wondered what the Avatar would do once he no longer had to fight the fire nation. It shows that while there is an overall peace between the warring nations, there is still plenty Aang can do with his time and talents. Part one was released on March 5th, and the follow-up will be coming out in July. If it’s as good as the first chapter I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.