Warning: I’m going to assume if you’re reading this you already read the first issue of Sage Escape, which I reviewed here. If I’m wrong, you might get some spoilers. There are very few details about issue 2 in here that I would consider spoilers, but if you don’t like to know even minor details then maybe wait until you read the issue before continuing. Thanks, and happy reading, nerds!


When last we left our heroine, she had a run-in with a bounty hunter whom she was trying to convince of a massive cover-up involving the massacre of her home world. We pick up where we left off, with their ship landing on Sage’s home world. There are plenty of dangers here, in the form of level 6 “salesmen assassins”. These assassins’ special features include a hive mind, which means that if one of them identifies you the rest immediately know your location. This becomes a problem when just after finding survivors of the massacre, they are spotted. Not going to spoil how things turn out but let’s just say there is plenty of action (as well as a surprise visit from a mysterious time-traveler with the best possible timing). There’s also another story involving some cool looking aliens on Mars to break up the Sage storyline. The issue ends with Sage and her group getting out of one bad situation and into another. You’ll have to wait for the third and final installment on May 6th to find out the thrilling conclusion of Sage Escape.


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