24 – Underground #1, brought to you by the good folks at IDW, takes place in between the “series” finale and the upcoming new series. The story shows us what happened during the lead character’s time in exile in the European Underground

Our hero, Jack Bauer, has taken a new identity and found a new life living with a woman in the Ukraine. Unfortunately his new family seems to have gotten into a bit of trouble, and of course Bauer is going to have to get them out of it. I swear, this guy is a magnet for calamity!

Anxious to get your hands on this hot new item? Well it dropped in stores yesterday! My only critique (and it’s a minor one) is that some of the action scenes don’t translate well in comic book form, but other than that the art and story are great. Plus it feels good to have Jack back in any form. So do yourself a favor and grab a copy from your local comic shop, folks. It’ll give you something to salivate over while you await Bauer’s return to television (which is May 5th, in case you somehow missed the memo on that one).