This is it, the final chapter in the Mars Gambit series. Sage is going to confront the Cray family about the military activity on Earth. If you remember from the previous two issues, there was a bounty on her head, but the hunter agreed to let her prove what she claimed to be true. Well she may have succeeded there, but now there is a second hunter on her tail. Can Sage find the proof she needs and get it to the right people? You’ll get a partial answer but the rest continues in a new storyline called “Equinox”. In the meantime you get some very deep stuff and a little twist at the end. I definitely encourage you to read this issue (if you haven’t already) but be prepared, because it doesn’t end like you think it will. You can download your copy on their website today.

When I did my first review of this comic, it was the little indie engine that could. I am very pleased to be able to say that through the power of the internet, they have been picked up by ComiXology. They will be putting out the next series in about 2 months. Stay tuned folks, because I definitely want to report on this story as it develops.