I gotta say, when I first heard they were making a 24 comic, I wasn’t sure if it would be a one-shot that would lead into the premiere of the series or something longer, but I am more than willing to follow Jack down two paths at the same time. It shows that he was on the CIA’s radar more than once before he was finally “caught”. Now’s the part where I assume everyone has seen the tv show up until this week (which I’m planning on watching after I write this so it’s the only thing I can guarantee no spoilers on). I also assume you’ve read the first issue of the comic, or else why would you be here, right? With that messy SPOILERS AHEAD business out of the way, let’s see what’s happening to Jack in the Ukraine…


When we last left our hero, we saw that he had a nice new life with a family in the Ukraine, but there was also trouble brewing. But on the show we see him on his own again… Confused much? I’m assuming after this whole business wraps up it will end in bloodshed (like most things in Jack’s life) and all will make sense. Either that or he’ll have to run away in order to protect his family. Either way, it doesn’t matter now. For now, this is where we’re at, with Jack not surprisingly in a bit of trouble.


We continue our story with Jack and Petro jumping from one life-and-death situation to another. Now that they’ve been double-crossed, they have to protect their families before the bad guys get them. And in other news, the CIA still want Jack’s head on a platter for being a “traitor”. So pretty much everyone wants Jack in their custody, which leaves him with very little options. What will happen to our hero? Will he make it to his family before Mishka’s men do? You’ll just have to read for yourself to find out.


What? I can’t spoil everything… All I can promise you is it will have just as much action and go by just as quickly as you would expect a 24-related thing to do.