So you want to write for Nerds in Babeland? That’s great! We are currently looking to add new writers to our lineup of talented ladies. At this time we are unfortunately unable to pay our writers, but are looking at ways to change that in the future. In order to ensure that we are a good fit for one another please email us the following information:


1) Your name

2) Three samples of your writing, personal blogs and/or Tumblrs are acceptable

3) A pitch for your first story. Before becoming a regular writer we need to assess if your story ideas will work for our site. We expect our writers to not only post reviews of the books and comics we have available for you but also to write op-eds and other pieces.

4) Why do you want to write for us?

5) Your top three geeky fandoms (or less if you are focused on only one or two)

6) Outline your experience with WordPress (no experience is necessary we just want to know how much training will be needed)


We are currently looking for someone to run a weekly nerd themed advice column, summer movie reviews, convention coverage (press passes are possible for some conventions) and a series of posts covering a show with a large fandom that the writer has never seen before.

We look forward to hearing from you and adding your name to the roster of talented ladies!