Comics Review: Samurai Jack Classics vol. 2 by various
Review by: Prof. Jenn

The second volume of Samurai Jack Classics is a series of short, snappy, bright, and all around cheerful snippets from the world of Samurai Jack vs. Aku. As in the wonderful animated TV series, each episode is a standalone story (origin/backstory not necessary, though it is fascinating). This volume collects a passel of colorful tales not immediately in the timeframe of the TV “canon” but set in that abstract future time when a time-displaced samurai must end the evil that brought about the downfall of his time and the imageempire of Aku.

This collection includes the variety of diverse characters and themes from the show, and boasts the same bold black outlines and stylized art that made the TV show stand out. Samurai Jack’s stoic nobility and Aku’s gleeful evil stand true. The art shows the fantastic action scenes’ movement in a dynamic fashion, showing the almost superhuman martial arts of Jack without having too many “jump cuts” or busy-ness to obscure the action.

The one and only (and, IMO, important) drawback to this volume is the lack of the Zen-like sublime that made the show so unique and entrancing. Each episode in this collection seems structured around a joke, ranging from the bright and humorous to the downright silly. This to me isn’t really Samurai Jack: though of course there were myriad moods in the show, the subdued minimalist art and the long stretches of quiet, coupled with the moments of slow zen is what made the show so much richer than just a cool swordfight heavy show made for children. This collection feels very child-directed. Although the one episode where Jack has hiccups that won’t go away is admittedly pretty hilarious.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this volume only to kids or to completist collectors.


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