LOS ANGELES, CA (June 17th, 2014) – The stars of Machinima’s hit zombie comedy BITE ME have stepped
behind the camera to create an epic sci-fi short titled OUTPOST. Filmmakers Justin Giddings and Ryan
Welsh first made their mark as Greg and Mike on the Lionsgate-sponsored zom-com project that has since
topped 55 million views. After their first film won Best Drama on the festival circuit, they partnered with VFX
wizard Paul Lada (PROMETHEUS, HARRY POTTER) to develop the visual effects for OUTPOST. The story
centers around a highly trained cosmonaut who along with his android assistant/love interest attempts to
make first contact as a doomsday device quickly approaches their remote outpost.

Of their first film, Geek News Network had this to say: “This was absolutely amazing. It ended up being one of
the best things I’ve ever seen, let alone one of the best shorts. If the filmmakers decided to turn this into a
feature length flick I would camp out for it. This right here is worth the price of admission alone.” – Jim Lincoln

OUTPOST stars Ryan Welsh as Citizen Gordon and Ryann Turner (WEEDS, UP ALL NIGHT, THIS IS
NORMAL) as his android companion A.R.I.A.. Hundreds of years in the future, humanity has long expected to
discover intelligent life but has failed to do so. The search for extraterrestrials is led by a group of
warrior/scientists known as Citizens. On the furthest outpost on the edge of our galaxy, Citizen Gordon
suspects that a giant wall of blackness known as the Beyond floating near the outpost hides intelligent life. He
desperately tries to make contact as the Starbreaker (a doomsday device designed to destroy the Beyond)
approaches from Earth. When tensions rise, he’s forced to choose between saving A.R.I.A. or saving

To bring this film to life, the filmmakers are shooting for an ambitious $60k on Indiegogo. Unlike most
campaigns, their film is fully tax-deductible through a 501c3 partnership. Some perk highlights include custom
sketches of donors set in the world of Outpost accompanied by personalized mission dossiers, character bios,
and limited-run embroidered patches. We are also offering an exclusive line of collectible KidRobot™
designer toys hand painted by the filmmaking team!

For more information on the film and their Indiegogo campaign, visit www.OutpostTheFilm.com. For additional
questions and inquiries or to schedule an interview with the filmmakers, please contact producer Lynn
Thomas at 502-386-9754 or giddywelshmen@gmail.com.

Giddy Welshmen Productions is comprised of a creative team of filmmakers headed by actor/writer/directors
Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh. Together, they now work as filmmakers whose projects range in scope from
sci-fi to digital comedy series. They can be reached at giddywelshmen@gmail.com.